I love all aspects of the paranormal. The experiences, travel, the investigations, meeting new cool and amazing people, learning new things, sharing what I know with others and yes, even the evidence reviews. I have been blessed to share a stage with some of the most amazing paranormal people, known and unknown (for now anyway) by the masses. I’m not bragging. I’m slowly getting to my point.

As a paranormal investigator, I would still consider myself fairly new. I have had experiences my entire life but I didn’t start really looking for answers until my children were grown and finally joining a legitimate team about 3 years ago. I have learned and experienced so many things that people in the field for years longer than myself have not. The learning ‘on the job’ came fast, out of necessity. I’ll get into that on another post.

I’ve been accused of not caring for my clients because the team took a hiatus from active investigations. We have also been involved in paranormal conferences. What some people don’t realize is you have to keep you and your team from burn out, just like with any ‘job’. You need to keep yourself healthy and above the wellness line, physically, mentally and spiritually. I know that even though my team might be on a short hiatus for a multitude of reason (work, holidays, conferences) you can bet that if a client in need of services reached out to us, we would not turn them away if we were able to meet their needs.

Paranormal investigations require knowledge, research, experience and trust (in yourself and your team). And you have to continue to want to learn new things and share your experiences in hopes that someone hears what they need to help them on their journey. I am not saying that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to attend paranormal conferences or classes. What I am saying is that putting these things out there for the public and other paranerds, is a way to share and educate in a more personal and intimate way. It is also a great way to meet people of specialty. My team does not currently have a UFO-ologist or Big Foot specialist. If someone came to me with questions on those topics, I have people I can refer them too because I took the time to listen to and meet new people.

I have an unending hunger for knowledge and experiences. I cannot get my hands on enough material, books, blogs, personal accounts from others, to ever make me stop looking for and wanting to learn more. And I hope that I can share things that will light a fire in someone else for whatever their passion may be.

As with all things, these are my opinions and experiences. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

We all live in a Yellow Submarine..