I want to talk about … The Paranormal …surprising right?

Why do I do the things I do? Well, I’ll stick to the Paranormal subject….I have so many reasons I am the way I am. 😉

Fame is not my end game. It definitely isn’t for the money, I’m not sure who thinks Paranormal Investigators make a lot of money but any reputable investigation team would not charge you for services of need. Now, don’t get me wrong, charging for a fun ghost hunt is a different matter.

Yes, I love and do both of these types of investigations. I am enamored with having my own experiences with those on the other side of the veil. And I have been called to help those having unexplained activity to help bring answers or direct them to professionals in the field in which they are needing assistance. So let me talk about my view on the difference.

Investigations for services of need would be a haunting or unexplained activity, maybe you just want to know why a spirit is in your home or business. Is it a family member who has a message or is someone “lost” and needs to be heard? Maybe you have activity that has moved from a simple “Grandma is hanging out with the Grandkids” to a negative energy in which you are fearful for your and your family’s safety. These are these private investigations and we are looking for a specific answer.

A Ghost Hunt is just that. We are actively looking for spirits in a known or rumored haunted location, hoping to have our own personal experiences. If it is a public event, a good team will have equipment, explain what is and how to use it. And they will encourage you to be a part of the experience. That’s what you are paying for right? Occasionally, you may have the opportunity to hunt with Paranormal Celebrities. I’ve been blessed to work with some of the best. And I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything but my favorite investigations have been with my own team and some of my sister teams as a weekend outing.


I am a big believer in educating those who are having experiences, wish to investigate on their own or even start their own team. Everyone has their own style and that is OK. What is not OK is provoking, especially if this is not your home or business. Once you stir the pot, you can leave and the ones who live or do business there, are left with the aftermath. If you are unskilled in what you are doing, you may be causing more harm than good. You risk “awakening” something that you may not be prepared or skilled to handle. And I cannot say this enough: Seeking out demons or negative entities is HIGHLY discouraged. You can walk away unscathed or you could walk away with a lifetime of battles. I’ve had my fair share of encounters and they are not all fun and games. I have friends that have scars to show you just how dangerous they can be.

There you have it, this was the short version. Eventually, I’ll get to more detail of each subject.

So, if you have questions feel free to ask, here or privately.

I want to talk about…