I have been enamored by this house my entire life. I vaguely remember it as an empty field. It has always been a part of life on our road trips. Watching it being slowly built over the years to the mostly abandoned mess it is today.

There are no known hauntings but there are rumors of why it was never finished. After construction halted, it has also been rumored that there were satanic practices performed on the second floor.

I often stop and wander around the fence line, if time allows, on my trips to my beloved Texas. With the addition of horses, I am usually greeted for ear scratches and long talks of how beautiful the sky is on that day.

I don’t know if there is someone or something that calls to me to come within the walls or if it is just nostalgia of family road trips and still being young and naive of the paranormal and haunting spirits. But, I’m feeling one day I will walk through those doors and find out.

Maybe it’s time to finally make those calls.

The Sanger Mansion