Who loves playing with Ghost Hunting equipment? I know I do.

Is it nice to have all of the fancy, expensive equipment? Sure it is. Is it necessary to do an investigation? Absolutely not.

I do love me some Paranologies Equipment and Jeromy Jones. He is super talented and makes some of the best equipment out there and you don’t even have to sell your first born to afford most of it. And his warranty, yeah pretty amazing. Don’t doubt for a moment I won’t eventually have all the things. 🤭 I am part squirrel, I like shiny things.

And yes there are others who make paranormal equipment as well and I am sure that they are amazing too. Eventually I’ll get around to trying them all.

What is my favorite equipment to use? Honestly, I like to sit in the dark by myself with a flashlight and a recorder. Two of the most inexpensive pieces of equipment out there.

I have a few apps that I use. Apps are an inexpensive way to start or add to your paranormal toolbox. If you have an app that you have had success with, let me know, I’d love to try it out.

And speaking of testing new things out, I have a delivery waiting for me when I get home of a new device to play with and test out.

What are your favorite tools to use?

Tools of the Trade…