Demons. Demonology. Demonologist.

This may be a fiery topic and some may disagree with me on some or all of my views. And that is ok. We are adults here. We can have our own opinions. Who are we to know which is right or wrong while we are on this side of the veil?

As a Paranormal Investigator, I want to debunk everything I can. Anything left is the unexplainable. Capturing evidence is not an exact science. Any evidence can be viewed as truth or called fake, equipment malfunction, dust or a million other things. What I don’t want is to put myself or anyone else in harm’s way unnecessarily.

Whatever your faith, you probably have not only a higher source, God(s) or Goddess(es), you may also have demons and Angels. All of which you can call on for assistance, guidance, protection or any number of other things. You cannot have light without dark and vice versa. I would love to think that there is nothing but love and happiness on both sides of the veil, but we all know different.

I have a personal belief that no one should CHOOSE to chase demons. When you seek demons, or any other malevolent entity, you will find them. As a truth seeker and light worker, I want, wait, need to know everything I can about things that I may encounter on an investigation, cleansing or just an everyday adventure. If I do not know what something is, how can I protect myself or anyone that may be with me. Educating myself on the things that I may encounter is not the same as being an expert Demonologist, Fariryologist or any other ologist that exists. Let me explain it this way: You can read all the books on heart surgery but that does not make you a heart surgeon. Until you put the knowledge into action and you are proficient in the practice you should not be practicing the art without guidance, or in some cases not at all.

Many times people who become Demonologists were called to it. They had experiences that required them to seek the knowledge that would bring them the need for protection and knowledge of the entity showing itself. They may have an strength that allows them to battle these forces with more success than others. I have noticed that they do not seek fame or fortune for these strengths but they are called on by others for assistance and teaching. They also have a sound foundation in their faith, whatever that faith may be. I believe an absence of a belief system is detrimental to your ability to protect yourself. Without faith, all the tools, oils, stones you have are nothing but trinkets in your quest and making you more susceptible to harm.

So before you go looking for all the things that go bump in the night, please make sure that you are ready and able to deal with anything that might be seeking you back.

Running with the Devil…