I do love my oils and if you are into oils, you know about the amazing ROSE 🌹 oil and how pricey it is. I splurged this month and it came in yesterday. (This is a High Vibrational oil and it is amazing for paranormal and spiritual work.)

And not every day is a “look how cute I am” day. I rock a ponytail or ballcap with jeans a lot of the time. I mean I KNOW I am adorable but I’m definitely not a fashionista. 🤪

Which brings me to how thankful I am that I didn’t have to brush my hair or put on real pants for my podcast interview with Woody over at @hillcityparanormal. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a nutcase. Hopefully it’s the fun kind. I had an amazing time talking to him and look forward to doing it again!

But anyway, go check them out, tell him I said hey and I’ll post the link when it airs because I’m sure that you’ll want to know all the weirdness that is Jeri (the awkward) Paranormal Investigator.

Every Rose has it’s Thorns…