**WTF WAS THAT?!?!**

When I joined my first team, I was just looking to fill my empty nest syndrome. Time out of the house and maybe some new friends.

But spirit has its own agenda.

This was my SECOND investigation. My first run in with a negative entity. What a crazy time it’s been since.

I remember talking with one of the other Investigators and seeing a dark person like shadow walk across a room. A room that later was the center of my first experience.

I remember feeling ill. I remember hearing things, equipment going crazy, seeing things, being touched, a light blew and more. Even a solid wood door opened on its own, multiple times. I have a video somewhere and I’ll post the link if you want to see it.

My team owner at the time, prayed over me until it came off of me. It then went on to another Investigator.

Even after all of that, I don’t remember being scared. I remember thinking “I’m not prepared for this.” But what can I do but stand my ground and take it head on. And that I did.

I was thrown in the deep, with the sharks. All I knew was I had to learn to swim.

I believe that was a test from spirit to prepare me for the things to come. Before that night, I didn’t know what to expect or what to look for when there was a negative. I took note of all the things; emotional, physical, mental. I educated myself on how to protect myself. I believe been called to help those who don’t know how to help themselves. I don’t seek out negatives. But I am not going to run from them either.

If my team owner would have known there was a negative, I definitely would not have been in attendance. But 5 years later, I am more experienced and educated on this type of encounter. I even lecture on this topic. I believe education is key. Don’t go searching for things you don’t know how to handle. Be safe and smart about doing this!

The pictures and videos are from the investigation. What do you think?

Video taken by Outkast Paranormal, who asked us to assist in the investigation.
Running with the Devil…