*The Zozo House*

If you watch any of the paranormal shows, you may have heard about the Zozo House.

I live not to far from it and it is empty more often than not. I have tried to get permission to do a walk thru without success…yet.


The first time I went to walk the perimeter it was empty. The house just is…well a house. It is a residence that is lived in by families. I looked in the windows as we all want to with pretty much any place I go. I felt watched, as usual. But nothing super menacing or crazy. It was still early in the evening and light out.

Around back, I smelled sulphur. It is an old neighborhood and it could possibly be attributed to sewage. Not discounting anything. Other than that I really wasn’t too overwhelmed by any presence.

However, I was texting pictures to one of my friends to see if he got anything. As I sat in my car across the street, I noticed the song on the radio kept saying “I’m watching you.” 😳 Well of course you are, I’m a bright light no matter what side you are on. 🤣

Anyway, I will continue to do checks without disturbing residents, living or not. Eventually I will talk the owner into a walk through. One day I’ll be “Hey y’all will never guess where I got to go in!” I don’t give up that easy.

Do you get anything from any of the pictures?

The Zozo House…