Bare with me as I may go down a rabbit hole today.

Many Paranormal Investigators are part of the, well, I guess I’d call it an elite group of workers. The RIPD of the real world. Many have other senses outside of the 5 most everyone have. We can see, hear, feel, touch, smell, know things that are not of this 3D world. This can be an amazing experience or it could make you feel like a crazy person all the time.

There are many people, PI and not, who can astral project, leave the body and go to other places. Whether it be someplace on earth or the in between. People have even been known to meet their team members (earth bound) in the in between to share information, messages and spend time together. It is believed that you can learn to astral project at will, be called by your team/loved ones or from your team from the other side.

This brings me to my current obsession, the 3 story building. It really is fine. My journey isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, I feel like it is barely for me. I have had dreams and visions of this building since coming home. I feel like I have even walked the halls. I wake up exhausted even though I know I slept soundly in my bed. Do I sound crazy yet?

The little ones from the sun room window invited me on a walk about. What I saw is only what I can describe as what it was like in it’s finer glory. Nurses, a Doctor, the sick and their family. The stark white walls and medical equipment. Then it turned to the abandoned decaying mess it is now. The dark, the graffiti, the ghosts and the debris left behind by the owners and the people who have broken in to see if there was anything of value. The only place they didn’t take me was the basement. They said it wasn’t time.

The littles never say much, if anything at all. They started out clean and fairly happy. By the end they are dirty, sad and broken. Literally. Parts are missing and clothing disheveled.

What are they trying to show me? Am I just dreaming about this because I am obsessed with the things that are within these walls. Or do they want me to know their story?

She’s creepy and she’s kooky…