I have a friend that I always tell, “You can’t make up the shit that happens in my life.” I don’t need to make up stories, the real is usually just as weird and unexplained. I’ve said I am obsessed with a building. If it was a drug, that first taste of ecstasy had me hooked. I am jonesing for my next hit. I will go back.

I didn’t even know she existed before I saw her from the 5th story window during one of my other adventures. It was like she knew me and she called my name. Considering I had just witnessed a shadow walk across the hall that led me to the window in which I first saw this beautifully decaying building full of so many stories. I knew I was going to go talk to her.

When I left my original destination, it was pouring rain as it has been all morning. I drove around the block when I found her. The rain was coming down so hard that I could barely see across the street. My heart sank because I really wanted to explore her, even if only from the outside. I rummaged through the car and found a bag to wrap around the camera because I decided I was going to brave the rain. I climbed out of the car and the rain stopped. I looked up to the 2nd story and I swear I saw a woman wave to me and disappear behind some things stored. Seeing people who aren’t there is not unusual for me. I’ll talk about that in another post.

I knew I wanted to see her full face. I crossed the street and stood on the sidewalk, looking at her. I almost forgot to take a picture. Someone opened the door of the house I was standing in front of, looked at me and then shut the door. I’m sure they are used to the weirdos coming to stand on the street and look at an abandoned building. Especially after I learned a few things about this town.

All of the first floor windows and doors were boarded up so you could not see inside. The 2nd and 3rd floor windows were all in tact, keeping out the weather. You could see stored items and the faded walls. I don’t know how long I wandered around outside. I felt I was being watched the whole time. I was drawn to a specific window. I even took a selfie to include this window. Whether or not you see what I see is always subject to interpretation.

There was a building in the rear. As I talked to the building I thought out loud that I would love to be able to peek inside, even if just for a moment. I heard something fall. I don’t know what it was but as I came from the little alcove between buildings, I saw that if I could put my camera or phone above my head, I could see in the window. Of course I took pictures. Only 3 pictures in each room. That’s all I needed, wanted. For this trip anyway. Nothing spectacular. Just plain, empty rooms. I was still happy. I think it was a peek that told me they wanted me to come back. Just a taste of what was inside.

Some of my friends knew about this building before I saw it. What they told me it was called didn’t bring up the building I stood in front of. I spent 2 days looking for information on abandoned buildings in this town and I finally found her. What I found was interesting, disturbing and conflicting. I am still digging through the information. I don’t know if the internet will tell me what I want, uhm, need to know. I have a feeling that I will need to go back and do some digging the old fashioned way.

Listen to this $#!+…