I myself, am strange and unusual.

I love cemeteries, cold and foggy nights, abandoned buildings and ghost stories.

I recently had a reading. The reader and I were talking about things I do and the paranormal aspect. I had mentioned on a recent adventure I had the urge to get lost on the back roads. I came across a cemetery and felt I needed to wander around a field towards the back because it was “loud”. I said, “Who does that? In Texas? And in the warm weather?” (Snakes, ya know) And my reader said “Well, you do. Someone needed you. And you answered. And that is amazing.”

I know many people do not understand what we (Paranormal Investigators, Seers, Lightworkers) do. We are the weirdos and crazy people who talk to ourselves and listen to people most can’t see.

I am ok with all of it. And you should be too.

What are some things you do that non believers might find odd and not at all intriguing?

People are strange…