Recently, I was part of a Psychic Arcade. Healers and readers of all kinds. I was having a conversation with another healer and I had an epiphany. Healers and Lightworkers, like any group of people, all have their own style.

Many of the other healers are very structured and have a specific routine, meditation crystals and/or tools they use for their practice. I would love to be able to give all of my healings this way. However, as I don’t normally give healings in a relaxed setting, I don’t find I have the time to do many things that other healers do before giving a session.

I think 90% of my healings are a result of an investigation. A clearing or blessing that requires spiritual healing as well. A kind of emergency triage during spiritual warfare. I guess I would say Spiritual Warfare Field Medic. I may call on guides and source to bring a healing to the one in need but I usually don’t have time or space to set up candles, an alter or do a long grounding meditation. I do carry protection oils and stones but unless the client has the faith, I am just putting a Band-Aid on a severed limb.

Do I find it challenging? Yes, very. But since when do I things that are not a challenge? I love the work that I am called to do and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I know my craziness is not for everyone and that is ok.

How do you prepare for a healing?

Healers gonna heal…