So, let me tell you about this picture. 🤪 Here I am standing on the sidewalk in the cold and freezing rain, minding my own business (let me live my lie!).

Admiring this what once was a phenomenally beautiful structure, full of stories and so many other things. She is now being renovated to bring her back to her glory. Who wouldn’t want a picture with her? I’m standing there trying to get a picture that we both look good in and this lady starts down the sidewalk…

“Hey, why are you taking pictures of all these stores? You need to leave before I call the cops!” 😳

“Look lady, I’m just (letting my inner narcissistic tendencies come to light by) taking (a crap ton of) selfies. Look! See. Just me and the old building behind me.”

“Oh. Well, I thought you were casing the buildings.”

As I look in the windows of the stores, mostly “antique”. “No, I’m just sight seeing old hotels. I’ll be going now. ” (As I slowly get in my car.)

Ah, the adventures are just beginning. 💜

No bail money needed…