It has been a LONG cold, wet and fun day investigating in Mineral Wells. I did a lot of exploring in a pretty awesome place. And I wandered around some others admiring the beauty and hauntedness. Met some pretty amazing people and one not so…uhm nice. I thought I might have to use beer money for bail.🚔 😳🙄🤣

I’m taking a few to recoup before heading out for dinner. I’ll share more when I have time to go through pictures.

Anyone know where this is? I met some cool people while taking pictures here…living people to be clear. 😉 Sometimes knowing a few answers makes good conversation in the rain and new friends for later. I think I’ll be back for a stay soon. Anyone else in?

Anyone know where this is? 😉

I am weird about not wanting to do any specific research on a place before I investigate. I want to know that my experiences are true to story. Anyway, I knew NOTHING about this place other than the name. Out of all the places to take my first selfie, I choose here in the kitchen. There will be more pics and info on this site later.

Adventures of the day…