No filter, unedited and real.

Alrighty kids of all ages! I want to talk about hangovers. Not just any hangovers but paranormal hangovers. Yes, they are real. I’m pretty sure any PI you talk to will say they experience it after most investigations. 

For me, this one is probably the worst one I have ever experienced. To be honest, I have not gone 4 straight days of investigations and adventures before. On top of it, I have been battling an illness, while I roamed around in the freezing rain and wandered dusty old buildings without a facemask. Hey, I never said I was smart. And my days of pretty are questionable at best. 

I usually just experience fatigue and a little brain fog. This time it has been accompanied by nausea, stomach pains, blurry vision, ringing ears and overall general body aches, pains and muscle spasms. All that, made the 4 hour drive home, very long and uncomfortable. 😏 Would I do it again? Uh, hell yeah! In a heartbeat.

But for real. When you are investigating on your own or in groups, health and safety are always #1. If you go alone, please make sure someone knows where you are, you have permission to be there and you have a way to call for assistance if needed.

Until next time…stay haunted.👻

Hangover…part 2