We had the pleasure of investigating the always amazing Olde Park Hotel in Ballinger, Tx.
We feel a special connection to OPH and links to other sites we have been honored to investigate. I’ll post about those on another day.
I wanted to say thank you to my team and partners in crime for being the best team for this investigation. We sure did miss those who weren’t able to attend. I mean it was full of all the things, fun, food, full moons, new friends, investigation and Emergency Room visits (the hidden pearl of Ballinger, Tx if you ask me but not a MUST do) HA!
Special hugs to Andrea for hanging out in the waiting room for me. I mean she could have made me uber back to Olde Park Hotel.
So happy to finally meet Ilene Jones and Bud Steed. I hope you know you are stuck with me forever now. I can’t wait to actually get to investigate with you.
Finally meeting the beautiful Stormy Daniels, made the puffy faced selfie a little better. She is really so amazing. Justin and Dave were pretty cool too. We definitely wouldn’t mind hanging out with all of them again. 
And we can’t forget Dan LaFave, our amazing host and direction giver. Couldn’t have turned out better without ya!
If you have a chance to investigate at OPH, I highly recommend it. Never dull, never disappointing.

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