OH BOY! How many ways can we say how much we adore Scott and his crew over at StAck Grill in Kingfisher.  Scott is one of our biggest fans and an honorary member of  Valkyrie Paranormal. 

Scott always gives us a place to investigate when we are needing to show some people what we do and how we do it, make sure we are fed (because we LOVE snacks) and just is an all around amazing guy!

You can find Scott behind the bar, in the kitchen, helping the community when there is a need and of course if it’s not too busy, sitting at table with us talking about the latest shenanigans’ he has had with the local spirit, Victoria. 

If you find yourself in the vicinity of Kingfisher, you should make time to stop by StAck and grab the daily special and maybe a drink. You will not be disappointed.