Jeri is the Founder of Valkyrie Paranormal and has been an active team investigator for over 5 years.

Jeri was born and raised in Oklahoma City. She spent many of her childhood weekends camping at ‘the farm’, enjoying outdoor life and exploring nature. She did a little time at Oklahoma State University with a Major in Police Science and Minor in Fire Technology. Jeri is a Mom to 2 grown boys and 5 fur babies (3 cats and 2 dogs). She also fosters fur babies when she can. She enjoys gardening, junking, traveling and reading about a variety of subjects. 

Jeri experienced things for as long as she can remember. Not until she was older did she realize that not everyone had the same “friends” and visions she experienced. She sought out others later in life that had abilities in order to learn how to identify and utilize her abilities to benefit not only herself but others.

Jeri started her paranormal investigative journey with Paranormal Investigations of Oklahoma as an investigator to fill her empty nest weekends. She was open to new experiences that allowed her to use her abilities as a medium and light worker. Investigations brought many experiences, good and crazy, that help sharpen her abilities in many ways. so did a little solo investigating under Jeri B – Paranormal Investigator.

In September 2020, she founded Valkyrie Paranormal in the hopes of seeing her vision of “Being of Service to Others, Living or Not” come to life. Honoring those who seek comfort or their own experiences along with others that are like minded, are what drive her to hold investigations and host events; public, private, educational and charitable.