By purchasing a ticket, ticket holders are agreeing to the following:

As ticket holder and guest of Valkyrie Paranormal Entertainment LLC. (VPE) swear that as of date signed on this purchase that I am of legal binding age (18 yrs) and hold myself solely responsible for any action partaken on my behalf.

Any evidence obtained through the course of the investigation, is the property of Valkyrie Paranormal Entertainment and can be used for informational and educational purposes.

VPE may share the information/paranormal evidence (either audio, picture, video, names, or locations) via colleagues, websites, social medial, television/radio/podcast shows, books, magazines, etc. with or without censorship of any names, addresses, or locations specifics. Information gathered will not be used against members of VPE in any manner deemed to be destructive to reputation or malicious in nature whether by intent or chance.

The investigation/research process had been explained to me and I understand what I am undertaking in the process, and there is potential for injury. Potential risks include, but not limited to: broken glass, exposed live power lines, low head clearance, tipping hazards of debris on the floors, hanging objects from ceilings, low mounted pipes, ductwork, utility lines, insect, animal infestations and feces, unlabeled chemical, liquid hazards, unauthorized vagrants, exposed exterior access (broken out windows, doors, roof access), asbestos, precarious stairwells, or any other hazard not mentioned herein. I agree to release Valkyrie Paranormal Entertainment and its members from, any liability for injuries and/or damages incurred during the investigation.

Valkyrie Paranormal Entertainment team/individual members VPE, and/or the property owner of site listed below be held accountable, liable, or otherwise responsible for lost, missing, stolen, damaged equipment or personal belongings.

VPE has the right to discontinue an investigation at any point and/or remove a guest from property at any time if deemed necessary either for safety of the individual or safety of the team. Any attendees younger than 18 years, must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Attendees must be sober from any influences, such as drugs or alcohol. No weapons allowed on investigation sites by attendees. VPE investigators may carry approved concealed firearms for the safety of all attendees. VPE has the right to remove any person or persons from the investigation, if displaying any disruptive or erratic behavior. All guidance, rules and instruction must be followed by attendees for the safety of all present.

Please, no live video during the event.