One of our biggest supporters and just some down right amazing folks are Jennifer, Chris and Justice over at the Conscious Community Co-op. 

You may have seen Jennifer or Chris on the news at one time or another fighting a good fight or being spotlighted for their love of community. 

Jennifer has the philosophy to “just say yes, and figure out the details later.”  when opportunities arise. And wow, the stories of those yes’ just go on and on. Ask her about her first goat.  And you just have to love Farmer Chris with his willingness to go on the adventures that are set before him when Jennifer has an idea. 

So if you are out and about, hop on over to the “Queen” or the “Baby” Co-op and Café and say HEY! to everyone and check them out! You might even see one of our own Valkyrie helping out. You will not be disappointed. 

Ask me about propane.
Jennifer and the Oola Guys
Farmer Chris and some amazing peaches.